Obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal With Crypto

A short introduction to Portuguese residency and a world of opportunities with the Golden Visa program

Golden Visa in Portugal: An Ongoing Residence Opportunity for Non-EU Crypto Investors

Until the end of 2024 it is still possible to obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal, and this can be done entirely with crypto. Invest in local established companies and earn 4% a year interest (20,000 EUR), and receive your investment back in its entirety after 5 years.
There is paperwork and the authorities are renowned for being slow on residence applications, but your lawyers will handle everything for you. While your Golden Visa is processing you will still have full residence rights.

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Despite the warnings and speculations, the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal remains open and welcoming for non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who aspire to secure residency in this beautiful European nation, but with slight changes.

The Fast Track to Portuguese Residency
The Golden Visa Programme in Portugal is renowned for being the fastest route to obtain residency through investment. It is an attractive option for individuals who wish to reside in Portugal but only plan to spend a little time there (an average of 14 days per residency permit every two years). Moreover, this program offers the prospect of applying for permanent residence or citizenship after five years.
Diverse Investment Options

Investors opting for the Golden Visa have several investment avenues to explore:

  • Research Investments: Pledging €500,000 or more towards research activities conducted by scientific institutions, whether public or private, provides another pathway to residency.

  • Business Ventures: Investing €500,000 or more in shares of non-real-estate ventures or commercial companies headquartered in Portugal while generating five permanent jobs can result in residency.

  • Collective Investment: Opting for joint investment with a minimum capital transfer of €500,000 becomes a feasible option.

  • Job Creation: Establishing a minimum of ten jobs opens up opportunities for residency.

  • Cultural and Artistic Support: Investors can allocate €250,000 or higher to support artistic production, cultural heritage preservation, or related activities through various channels.

Embark on Your Journey to Portuguese Residency
The Golden Visa Programme in Portugal continues to offer a golden opportunity for investors worldwide. Whether you are drawn to the allure of Portugal’s culture, breathtaking landscapes, or thriving economy, this program paves the way for you to call Portugal your second home.
If you are ready to embark on your journey to Portuguese residency through the Golden Visa Programme, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can connect you with experts with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process seamlessly. Your path to becoming a resident of Portugal awaits!